Name: Saveenia Kelly                          

Scholarship Recipient Year: 2017

University Attending: University of Technology            

Course Study: Business Administration

1. What is your favorite thing about school so far?

The environment. Being in a new place surrounded by so many different people. It’s a constant source of entertainment, inspiration and knowledge.

2. What is your favorite class / subject in school right now?

Macroeconomics which is concerned with large scale economics factors such as interest rates and national output.

3. Are you involved in any university extra curricular activities? (Clubs, Sports, Organizations, etc.)

I am a proud member of the UTech Cheerleading Team and Secretary for UTech’s Real Estate Club.

4. What kind of things do you enjoy in your free time?

I entertain myself by watching or doing sports, volunteering, reading and watching movies.

5. What was the most surprising thing for you when you started at the university?

I was very surprised by how easily I adjusted to university life. I adapted to the workload and the independence while exercising excellent time management.

6. Name the top 3 ways receiving the Josephine Lilly Wolf Memorial Scholarship has changed / impacted your life.

This Scholarship has certainly eliminated a huge sum of the financial strain on my family. It has also helped me set milestones for others in my family especially my younger sister. We enjoy a competitive relationship where she aims to surpass my achievements, and this is just another rock in the pond of things she intends top. However, one of the most profound reasons is the belief in self and the confidence it has awarded me as it inspires me to encourage change, both within myself and others.

7. What is the best advice you have for others who are applying for the scholarship?

Be bold and be confident. It doesn’t matter if you’re the underdog. Talent, intelligence and confidence perseveres.