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Keeno-Lee R. James was born on the 9th of February 2002 at the Royal Medical Hospital in Jamaica. His young-yet-investigative mind hinted from an early age that he would grow to become a nation builder.

Keeno attended the Unity Primary School in Westmoreland where he spent 6 academic years. Throughout this time he has lauded some of his past teachers such as Ms. Reynolds, Mrs. Holness, Mr. Holness, Ms. Grey, Mrs. James and Ms. Campbell for molding him into the young man he needed to become to enter into post-primary education. Whilst at Unity, Keeno was always placed amongst the top 5 students in his class, always copping an average over 90%.

Upon entry, he joined several clubs where over the years he severed on all the local, and, for key club, the national board. He served as a member of the key club, quiz club, junior debating society, peer counseling society, student council, A form captain, sub-prefect and currently a senior prefect and the school’s deputy head boy. Through being active in all these clubs he has developed a love for volunteering and advocacy.

He also received national and international awards from key club Jamaica district and key club international; namely, distinguished secretary, distinguished president, distinguished national senior advisor and most recently Distinguished Lieutenant Governor of Excellence where he was responsible for the schools in the parishes of Westmoreland, St. Elizabeth, and Manchester.

As a sixth form student of the humanities, Keeno has seen to display a liking for reading and making various analysis. He currently does Law, Caribbean studies, Tourism, and History, of which law is his favorite subject. He aspires to become a behavior analyst and lecturer at a local university after completing his graduate and post-graduate studies. This fall he will commence practicing for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Guidance and Counselling from the Mico University in Kingston Jamaica.



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