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Josephine Lilly Wolf

We will never know the impact Josephine “Lilly” Wolf would have had on the Jamaican world as her life was tragically cut short on August 10, 2015 only weeks before her 16th birthday. Josephine Wolf was an innocent victim of a brutal and horrific act of violence that stunned many and left her family and friends reeling with heartbreak.


On July 5, 2005, a hot and humid day in Newport News, Virginia, I met Josephine for the first time. We instantly connected and a lifelong bond was formed between the two of us. It wasn’t long before I was calling her my “little girl” and she calling me daddy. I would become the only man she ever called daddy and she became my only daughter.


Josephine Selfie With Bridgette

Shortly after we met, Josephine started school in Newport News, Virginia. From the 1st day of kindergarten, she embraced the challenge school provided and excelled at it. The two of us enjoyed shopping for the necessary school supplies, doing nightly homework, and working on the various projects that were assigned. Unfortunately, the relationship between Bridgette and I did not last, and in 2009, Josephine returned to Jamaica with her mother. I assured Bridgette I would assist her financially so our little girl could receive a proper education. The financial support I contributed allowed her to find her way to the highly rated Manning’s School located in Savana La Mar, Westmoreland, Jamaica.


Josephine Selfie with Shayne
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