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About Us

The Josephine Lilly Wolf Memorial Scholarship Foundation was formed in 2016 in honor of Josephine Lilly Wolf.

For a Better Jamaica

The Josephine Lilly Wolf Foundation was created to bring hope where little hope exists.  The goal of the Foundation is to have a profoundly positive impact on Jamaican youth and share Josephine’s love for education by providing full tuition scholarships to graduating students of Manning’s High School.  The success of our foundation will be measured by improvements in the quality of life of scholarship recipients, and their selection of service-oriented careers that will positively impact social justice in Jamaica.


Board of Directors

The Josephine Lilly Wolf Memorial Scholarship Foundation was started by Josephine’s stepfather Shayne Havens and is currently based in St. Paul, Minnesota. A Board of Directors and volunteers who have been impacted by Josephine and want to honor her legacy manage the Foundation.

Shayne Headshot.jpg

Shayne Havens


When I met Josephine in the summer of 2005, I didn't know she would become the most important person in my life. Her impact has inspired me to pay it forward. By assisting others with their pursuit of a better life through education, I can keep her amazing, beautiful legacy alive.

Shannon Headshot.jpg

Shannon Bruce

Vice President

I love that Josephine was given an opportunity for a better education, which she embraced and excelled. She was focused and strived for a better life for herself and her family. Giving this opportunity to others with the same dedication is the best way to honor her memory.

Shea Headshot.jpg

Shea Bruce


As an elementary school teacher, I recognize the impact and power that education can have. I am honored to help continue the legacy Josephine has left for us.

HAVENS, Marc-W.jpg

Marc Havens


I didn't know Josephine very well and had only met her a few times.  Even so, her impact on Shayne and other members of my family is evident.  Josephine was clearly a special person who was destined to do great things.  Being part of the foundation allows me to spend time with people that I really enjoy being around, while at the same time contributing towards a great cause.


Karen Clarey

Marketing Director

I met Josephine through her father Shayne.  My fondest memory is when she would come into the office on a busy day ~ oblivious to the chaos around us and proceed to sit on my lap and color. It is an honor and privilege to share this journey with them both and continue Josephine's legacy through this foundation.


The foundation hosts an annual fundraiser in Minnesota that generates a significant share of scholarship resources. There are plans for additional fundraising events to provide more scholarships to qualifying students.  The foundation also plans to help renovate and build an expansion on Manning’s High School and would eventually like to host an annual event in Jamaica to promote improved living conditions.


The hope of the foundation is to see scholarship recipients continue to excel in and finish their higher education and use what they’ve achieved to stimulate a positive impact in Jamaica.

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