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Lilly's Hands Inspiring Hope Project

Founded by recipients of the Josephine Lilly Wolf Memorial Scholarship Foundation, the Lilly's Hands Inspiring Hope Project aims to raise awareness around the scholarship's many benefits while assisting in building a stronger community for the students at the Mannings School.

Writing an Essay

Short Story Competition

Date: February 5th to April 5th
Theme: Creating Your Legacy


Josephine's story has been described as a tragedy that forged the path for a new legacy. This legacy is an embodiment of the goals and hopes Josephine had for her future. Write a short story of no more than 2500 words illustrating how people can persevere amidst life's challenges and ultimately create meaningful legacies.

Read the winning stories by clicking the names below.


  • Original short stories only

  • Open to all Manning's students

  • One entry per student

Get Ready to Inspire With Your Legacy

Thank you to all writers who submitted stories in our competition.

Kids Reading Outdoor

Book & Tag Drive

Date: February 5th to April 5th

Help us encourage reading through accessibility and improve literacy amongst children and youths in underprivileged communities.

How You Can Help

Contribute books and financial support.


Donations will be accepted at The Manning's School

Contact Organizers

Saveenia Kelly

Shanique Sommerville

Piles of Books

 Your Contribution Matters!

All donations go back to the community. Let's make a difference together!

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