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2024 Student Scholar - Antoine Myrie: A Beacon of Leadership and Environmental Advocacy

The effectiveness of one's ambitions and aspirations depend on transforming them into tangible visions and goals through careful planning, and then bringing them to life through hard work, dedication, and a strong belief in something greater. Antoine Myrie exemplifies the transformation of ambition and aspiration into tangible goals through meticulous planning, unwavering dedication, and a profound belief in something greater. Born on March 31, 2005, in Westmoreland, Jamaica, Antoine embarked on his educational journey at Iron Shore Kindergarten. He then advanced to Savanna-La-Mar Primary School, where he represented his school in plays, served in leadership roles, and consistently maintained a high academic record.

Upon matriculating to secondary education at the prestigious Mannings School, Antoine further honed his leadership qualities. In his first three years of high school, he served as Form Captain and subsequently became the Deputy Head Boy (Head Prefect) for the academic year 2023-2024. He also held the position of President of the Spanish Club for two consecutive years. Antoine assumed roles as Sub-Prefect, Prefect, and Peer Counselor and was an active member of numerous clubs and societies, including the Key Club, Interact Club, Leo Club, SPIRIT Committee, Environmental Club, and a Past Spanish Tutor in Student Council. Additionally, he serves as the Secretary of the Westmoreland Parish Youth Council, the governing body representing youth clubs and groups in Westmoreland. Despite his extensive engagements, Antoine managed to maintain an exemplary academic record. He achieved passes in 7 CSEC (Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate) subject and 4 CAPE (Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination) subjects where he focused on Spanish, Management of Business, Communication and Food and Nutrition.  

Antoine Myrie is unwavering in his commitment to addressing socio-economic disparities with a strong focus on environmental health and safety. His dedication to combating issues such as backyard burning and littering aims to create healthier, safer, and more sustainable communities. By engaging in advocacy efforts and collaborating with businesses, communities, and policymakers, Antoine strives to shape public opinion and influence decision-making processes, prioritizing the well-being of workers and the environment. As a student aspiring to become a Public Health Inspector, Antoine is deeply troubled by the environmental damage he has personally observed in New Hope. Issues like backyard fires and widespread littering have exacerbated environmental degradation, further intensified by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. These practices pose significant risks to human welfare, job security, and community stability, perpetuating social problems by allowing unfair treatment to persist without sufficient accountability and transparency. Antoine's vision is to confront these challenges head-on and inspire a movement toward sustainable and equitable community development, embodying resilience, leadership, and a relentless pursuit of justice.

Antoine aims to confront these challenges directly and strive for positive transformation in New Hope and beyond. He understands that societal problems often stem from structural failures, which can be addressed by taking proactive steps to guarantee equal access to essential resources and services for everyone, regardless of their societal position.


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Congratulations Antoine! We are honored to have you representing the foundation! You deserve this opportunity!

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