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2024 Lilly's Hands Short Story Competition Results

The Josephine Lilly Wolf Memorial Scholarship Foundation began in 2017. Since

inception, the primary goal of the foundation has been to honor the memory of Josephine Lilly

Wolf through college scholarships awarded to students at the Manning’s School in

Westmoreland, Jamaica.

One key aspect of the foundation’s vision has been to involve past and current students in the

work of the foundation and in giving back to their communities. Executing that part of our vision

has taken time, but we are excited to announce the Lilly’s Hands Inspiring Hope Project. Within

this new project, we will endeavor to impact local communities in Jamaica. Information about

Lilly’s Hands can now be found on our website here.

Part of the delay in getting Lilly’s Hands off the ground has been getting our students through

school. As of this summer, we will have seven foundation graduates, which is a huge

accomplishment for the foundation, but more importantly our students. As we add students to

the foundation family, and more of those students graduate, our ability to conduct outreach will

grow exponentially.

Completion of our first Lilly’s Hands outreach coincided with this year’s scholarship interview

process which occurred the week of May 20, however, a significant amount of time and effort

went into executing the outreach well before then. The outreach was successful due to the

efforts of some of our current and graduated students and other volunteers. Saveenia Kelly (our

first student) provided leadership throughout and was supported by Shanique Sommerville,

Trecia Montique, Adrian Stewart, Crystal Whittaker and Drea Maragh.

Our first outreach consisted of a book drive and a short story contest. During the book drive,

over 500 books were collected and sorted for age appropriateness before being provided to

students in underprivileged communities. The drive was a tremendous success. The short story

contest elicited entries from 57 Manning’s students from which three winners were selected. We

held a celebratory event at Manning’s during which the three winners were introduced, and

monetary awards given. The first-place story, “Overcoming the Voice,” was enthusiastically read

by author Deja Bremmer. The second-place winner was Mawuena DaCosta, and the third-place

winner was Lésania Fisher. It was such a pleasure to meet these exceptional writers and their


Read the winning stories here:

One question we were asked frequently during the scholarship interview process that occurred

the day before our event was, “how can I give back to the foundation?” Referencing Lilly’s

Hands to prospective students was an easy answer. Beyond that though, our answer (and

hope) is that our students will help direct and drive such efforts, given their inherent knowledge

of their community’s needs.

We will continue looking for ways to expand the impact our foundation has on our students and

their communities.

Marc Havens


Josephine Lilly Wolf Memorial Scholarship Foundation

A big thank you to everyone that contributed and participated in this year's story competition event.



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