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2024 Student Scholar - Danecia Watt: Fearless Pursuit of Mathematical Excellence

"Never let the fear of failing keep you from playing the game" is a quote that signifies the journey of Danecia Watt. This powerful message encapsulates her courage and resilience in the face of challenges. Danecia's story is one of determination, demonstrating that the fear of failure should never be a barrier to pursuing one's goals and aspirations. Through perseverance and an unwavering spirit, she shows that success is often born out of the willingness to take risks and embrace potential setbacks as part of the path to achievement.

On June 23, 2005 a brilliant and resilient individual was born at the Savanna La Mar Hospital. She embarked upon her educational journey at the Chantilly Primary and Basic School, in the community of Lennox Bigwoods, Darliston. In Grade 4, she enrolled at the Darliston Primary and Basic School where she served as class monitor, prefect and deputy head girl. She represented her school at the JCDC festival, Spelling Bee and 4-H Club. Danecia found genuine fulfilment in assisting her teachers, often taking the initiative to offer support beyond the classroom. Whether explaining difficult concepts to her peers or providing extra help during study sessions, she displayed a natural talent for imparting knowledge and fostering a collaborative learning environment. This commitment to academic excellence and her ability to inspire others set her apart, earning her the admiration of both students and educators alike. In the realm of Mathematics, her passion burned brightest. Not only did she consistently excel in the subject, but her love for numbers and problem-solving fueled her desire to delve deeper into its intricacies. She graduated primary school as the Valedictorian and Top GSAT student, landing her a place at the noble Mannings School. 

Attaining a place at Mannings School was a significant academic achievement for Danecia. As one of only three individuals in her entire family to attend this prestigious institution, it held immense meaning for both her and her loved ones. Growing up as a child of a teen parent, Danecia was determined to excel academically and succeed. Her motivation was driven by a desire to give back to her family and community, and she embraced the opportunity at Mannings School as a stepping stone towards that goal. 

Danecia's love for Mathematics grew stronger with time, earning her admiration from both her teachers and peers. Her exceptional talent in the subject was recognized when she represented the school at the Math Olympiad hosted by the University of West Indies during grade 8. Her impressive performance led her to the finals, showcasing her remarkable mathematical abilities on a larger stage. Encouraged by her success, Danecia decided to challenge herself further by sitting CSEC examinations in Mathematics and Principles of Business during Grade 9. Her dedication and hard work paid off as she achieved outstanding results, securing a grade 1 in both subjects.

Beyond her academic achievements, Danecia was actively involved in various school activities, demonstrating her well-rounded personality and leadership skills. She participated in clubs such as 4-H Club, Environmental Club, Leo Club,Writers Club, Mathematics Club, and Science and Technology Club. In addition, she held leadership roles such as the Science and Technology Club treasurer for two consecutive years, Tutor,  Form Captain and Prefect. She also took part in numerous community service projects such as beach cleanups and visiting children homes. Danecia's commitment to academic excellence and her active involvement in extracurricular activities exemplify her determination and versatility, making her a respected figure within the school community.

Danecia graduated from fifth form with outstanding achievements, attaining 9 grade ones and 3 grade twos. Continuing her educational journey at the sixth form level, she pursued studies in Pure Mathematics, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, and Communication Studies. Danecia achieved exceptional results in her Unit One CAPE examinations, securing four outstanding passes. Her remarkable performance not only demonstrated her academic prowess but also earned her placement on the Merit List for two subjects.

While in sixth form, Danecia's passion for Mathematics continued to flourish, leading to a shift in her aspirations. Originally considering a career as a Mathematics teacher, her deepening interest in the subject prompted her to set her sights on pursuing a degree in Actuarial Science. Her passion for mathematics drives her ambition to become an actuary, drawn by the field's emphasis on analytical skills and risk management. As an actuary, she envisioned using mathematical expertise to assess and mitigate risks in areas like insurance and finance. In Jamaica, actuaries can play a pivotal role in strengthening financial stability and guiding strategic decision-making. Being the first in her immediate family to graduate high school, Danecia sets out to continue her educational journey at the University of the West Indies, pursuing a degree in Actuarial Science. In the face of adversity, Danecia's journey is a testament to resilience and determination. Despite the hardships she encountered, her unwavering resolve propelled her forward, breaking barriers and defying expectations.


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Congratulations Danecia! We are very honored to having you represent the foundation! You are very deserving of this opportunity!

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