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On April 29, 2000, a young lady was born who would strive for excellence through discipline and hard work in whatever she does, and her name is Kadian Brown.

Kadian’s friends and peers would describe her as friendly and outgoing with a contagiously bubbly personality.

She lost her father at the young age of 10, and even though it was hard for her to knowing that she would no longer have her father around, she persevered and continued to excel in school.

She attended Unity Primary where she consistently performed well academically, and then continued on to attend the noble Manning’s School.

During her tenure at Manning’s School, Kadian was always a top achiever in her class. She is a well-rounded student who has been quite involved in various activities within her school where she displays her commendable leadership qualities. She has achieved many academic and social accolades including: Class President to her peers, Prefect, Vice President, Treasurer, and many other positions in other clubs and societies and she was named Champion Girl, among hundreds of students in the Parish.

When asked what helps her the most when overcoming adversity, she says, “Knowing that our life is not made up of only good moments, but also the difficulties and challenges which are both significant and integral components of our lives, that helps us to navigate our path along the route to success”.

On May 28th, 2019 all Kadian’s hard work and determination paid off when she was named a 2019 Josephine Lily Wolf Memorial Scholarship Recipient.

Kadian has always been passionate about being in a position where she is able help others in any way possible, and she hopes to do that by pursuing a degree in Medicine at University of West Indies.

Motivated by the quote, “You begin to fly when you let go of self-limiting beliefs and allow your mind and aspirations to rise to greater heights.” (Motivational Speaker Brian Tracy), Kadian is one step closer to achieving her goal: to make a profoundly lasting impact within the medical sector of her country. Attributing credit to family members, friends, well-wishers and most importantly God, Kadian proclaims that had it not been for the continual love and support, she would not have been able to accomplish what she has accomplished thus far.

In the face of adversity, Kadian has been able to accomplish more than some others do in their lifetime. Ambitious and poised, we can’t wait to see what big things she continues to do in her future.



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