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Adrian Antonio Stewart, affectionately called “Chicken” by family members and friends is the youngest of five children born to Leturn and Carol Stewart.

Adrian’s success began at a very young age. During his time at Petersfield Primary and Infant School, Adrian quickly became one of the most respected prefects and peer counselors, and was awarded Most Disciplined Male Student award in his final year. He continued to thrive and went on to be an influential figure in his community, where he willingly helped other students with their schoolwork and played the role of peacemaker in resolving conflicts.

Manning’s School was a new chapter in his life and provided numerous opportunities that aided him in his recent success. While there, Adrian lived by the philosophy of, “Striving for excellence through hard work, discipline and perseverance.” These words came from a class motto that was coined by Mr. Jermaine Williams, a teacher who is one of the biggest role models in Adrian’s life.

Adrian went on to achieve countless social and academic achievements; Form Captain for 4 years, Spanish Club President, Prefect, and Deputy Head Boy, just to name a few.

Adrian believes that the driving force of motivation coming from his family and friends fuels his success and this has propelled him to always give his best and to believe that through God anything is possible.

Adrian’s hard work and perseverance proved to be worth it on May 28th, 2019, when he was named one of the 2019 Scholarship Recipients of the Josephine Lilly Wolf Memorial Scholarship Foundation. Adrian will be receiving a full tuition scholarship to attend the University of the West Indies (UWI) to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree studying Geography Education.

Adrian has set and achieved all his goals and displayed qualities of persistency, helpfulness, and leadership, which make him the easy going and approachable person he is today.

He believes that one should never allow the restrictions of society and the limitations of life to prevent him/her from achieving their dreams. With this mentality, there is no wonder how Adrian has been able to accomplish all that he has, and there is no doubt in our minds that he will continue to achieve his dreams and continue to make his family and friends proud.



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