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It’s Be Kind to Lawyers Day!

Today, we celebrate Shanique Sommerville and Alliyah Dasilva, who are both in pursuit of their degrees in Law.

Shanique, who is one of our senior students, wanted to share her experience in her current degree and how she hopes it will impact Jamaica in the future. Check out her message below:

Hello everyone,

I’m Shanique Sommerville, a final year law student at the University of the West Indies, who has another two years at Norman Manley Law School to complete my law program. If there’s one thing to note after starting this law journey, it would be that I’m by far more cognizant and prepared for the working world. Studying law is more than just reading to pass a course, it’s practical knowledge that one ought to know and apply to everyday living in Jamaican society. Before being immersed into the legal world, I was just an ordinary observer, who had no idea as to how laws came about and that each legal rule was specifically created to solve a ‘mischief’. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity and experience that has been made possible by the ‘Josephine Lilly Wolf Memorial Scholarship Foundation’.

Throughout this journey, I have been fascinated with the reasonings and judgments that come from some of the most intellectual minds in Jamaica. My aspiration is that one day I’ll be able to positively impact the nation through providing reasoned legal guidance for those who have been wronged. I intend to give a voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless. My wish is for Jamaicans to be more in tune and knowledgeable about the laws of their beautiful island and the rights that they have. I've always thought about bringing more awareness to the rights we have as Jamaicans, especially our constitutional rights. I plan on achieving this by hosting community seminars that are centered around this goal.

This spirit of giving back and helping my country in whatever way possible is driven by the fact that I am a part of a family whose goals are centered around making Jamaica a better place. This foundation has impacted my life in more than just one way, it has truly shaped my life and has really proven that ‘Hard work does pay off.

Shanique Sommerville



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