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Happy Birthday, Josephine!

As I reflect on your life, something that stands out to me now, even after all this time, is how much you enjoyed everything in life. You danced even when EVERYONE was watching, and you smiled and laughed unapologetically. I remember the first time we played together in our snow gear after a Minnesota snowfall, and it was utterly amazing just how excited you were to see snow for the first time. As a kid, I hadn’t quite put it together that Jamaica was a tropical island, so I was shocked that you’d never seen snow, and so we romped around that day creating snowmen and snow angels. As I think fondly of the memories we had together, I’m reminded of how profound an impact you’ve had not only on my life but on the countless others around you. Your joy for life was and is still contagious, and I’ll take it with me wherever I go. Today, we celebrate you and honor the amazing life you led, and the continuous impact you make.

Although you’re gone, you’re certainly never forgotten. Happy Birthday.

Your cousin,




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