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As our 3rd annual fundraiser draws near, the Josephine Lilly Wolf Memorial Scholarship

Foundation (JLWMSF) is busy promoting and raising money for our upcoming scholarship

Jo Mersa Marley opening before father Stephen Marley

recipients. The foundation’s newest adventure began in Lowertown, a hip and vibrant neighborhood in Saint Paul, MN, to celebrate Jamaica’s reggae music. The summer concert series, hosted by Big River Pizza, featured sounds from DJ Shacia Payne, International Reggae All-Stars, Jo Mersa Marley, and the eight time Grammy award-winning singer Stephen Marley.

The mellow melodies and jiving beats wafted through the neighborhood attracting crowds from all over the Twin Cities, and helped usher in a new audience for the foundation. Shayne Havens, the president and founder of JLWMSF, discovered the concert series and jumped at the opportunity. “This is a great opportunity for us to not only raise awareness of the foundation and upcoming fundraiser, but to spread awareness of our mission, which is to better Jamaica through education.”

Vice President Shannon Bruce shares Josephine's story

The foundation’s booth offered concert goers the chance to learn about JLWMSF’s mission, and to read about the current scholarship recipients, including the newest 2019 students. Volunteers also passed out flyers and spoke to concert goers about the ongoing issues in Jamaica and how they can help.

If you would like to help, please contact us at or make a donation by clicking the donate button on our website. If you are interested in attending our next event it will be our 3rd annual fundraiser at the Freight House in Stillwater, MN on Saturday, October 5th.



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