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Kendria Murray's Biography

Nevertheless, true failure only manifests when one relinquishes their endeavors and pushes forward. Each setback, in fact, serves as an instructive lesson, propelling individuals toward future triumphs. In exemplification of this notion, Kendria Murray emerges as a paragon, defying the adversities she encounters and persevering in her pursuit of excellence.

Kendria Murray, born on March 1, 2004, embarked upon her educational journey at the Grange Early Childhood Institution, nestled within her native community of Grange. Subsequently, she enrolled at Williamsfield All Age School, where she actively represented her institution in various extracurricular activities and other undertakings. Kendria's academic prowess thrived, attaining first place throughout her academic years and culminating in her distinction as the highest achiever in the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), thus securing her admission to the noble Manning's School.

The attainment of a place at Manning's School bore significance beyond academic accomplishment for Kendria. As the sole member of her family to attend this esteemed institution, her achievement assumed an emblematic quality, symbolizing the realization of aspirations that eluded her parents, both of whom were unable to complete high school. Driven by an unwavering commitment to her family, Kendria reveres their countless sacrifices and ardently endeavors to bring them pride. Her mother was a stay at home mom and her father a barber and a farmer. Firm in her resolve to transcend obstacles and skeptics, she holds her head high, resolute in the understanding that diligent exertion knows no boundaries.

Continuing her educational journey at Manning's School, Kendria adeptly maintained exemplary grades while concurrently excelling in other domains. Her conviction in the value of scholastic pursuits was matched by her dedication to community service and the cultivation of a promising future. Evident in her multifaceted involvement, Kendria served as the Deputy Head Girl for the academic year 2022-2023, assuming roles as a prefect, sub-prefect, and form captain. Additionally, she contributed actively to the Manning's 285th Anniversary Committee and assumed the position of fundraising officer for the annual Arts and Food committee. Engaging wholeheartedly, she also participated in esteemed Clubs and Societies such as the Interact club, the Leo club, and the DaCosta Cup (2021-2022) football team, where she served as a tutor, peer counselor, journalist and photographer for the Manning's Vita Media club, a group she helped establish.

Presently, Kendria has acquired a commendable record of academic achievement, encompassing nine successful completions of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations and four commendable achievements at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) level. Within the scholastic domain, she is currently registered at Manning's Sixth Form, specializing in the Arts discipline, where her areas of study include Law, Sociology, English Literature, and Caribbean Studies.

Looking ahead, Kendria's educational trajectory leads her to the University of the West Indies, where she aspires to pursue further studies in order to establish herself as a Criminal Lawyer, driven by a noble purpose of advocating for the underprivileged who lack the means to defend themselves. With an unwavering dedication to the realization of her objectives, Kendria embodies a comprehensive and holistic approach to personal growth, steadfastly committed to extending a helping hand to others. She recognizes that her own abilities and attributes constitute her most valuable assets, bolstered by a profound faith in a higher power, thereby engendering an unwavering belief in her capacity to surmount any challenge that may arise.


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