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“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” - Winston Churchill. This quote has always been one that Kerricka could resonate with, throughout her life.

Kerricka’s academic journey commenced at the Techno Plus ECI in George’s Plain. It was here, that her thirst for knowledge and love for learning first bloomed. After this, her family then relocated to Manchester. She attended the Bryce Primary School where she placed 1st each year. She also served as 4-H President, class monitor, prefect and deputy head girl. Upon the release of GSAT results, Kerricka was named Valedictorian. It was unsurprising to her family, teacher and peers when she had placed at her first choice, the Bishop Gibson High School for Girls of the Anglican Diocesan.

Here, she greatly revelled in the purple pride. Her two and a half years saw nothing but hard work and endless toiling through the nights; literally. She made the Principal’s Honor Roll for 1st and 2nd form while placing 1st for 4 terms and 2nd for 1. She also served as form captain in 1st and 2nd form and class treasurer in the Christmas term of 3rd form, continuing her legacy of displaying great leadership skills and great academic prowess.

Her family then moved to St Andrew during the Christmas break of 3rd form. God brought her to Meadowbrook High; a school located in the suburbs of Meadowbrook which boasted excellent teachers. The January term she started, Kerricka quickly had begun to make big strides and a name for herself there. Her academic prowess revealed itself quickly when she made Meadowbrook’s team of four for the UWI’s annual staging of their Grade 9 Mathematics Problem Solving Competition. Her team placed first beating out all the schools in Jamaica. Again, she made the honour roll while serving as form captain.

September 2018 marked the unplanned move to Westmoreland for her family. She was placed in 4 Crimson which would mark the beginning of her to date 4-year tenure at the Manning’s School. True to all her goals and aspirations, she continued her academic journey with a focused mind and a dedicated attitude. she placed 1st in the entire fourth form that year and was awarded Top Year Group Achiever. She also sat Biology in CSEC during fourth form and obtained a grade 1. In fifth form, she placed first again with an average which allowed her to remain on the headmaster’s honour roll. She was also a candidate for valedictorian. CSEC results again solidified her academic prowess with 7 distinctions and 4 credits. For lower six, she continued this trend, sitting 5 units for CAPE and successfully passing them all.

Not only has she ensured that she maintains a high academic standard, but she also recognizes the importance of balancing this with extracurricular activities. She is currently the President of the Spanish Club (past Treasurer and Upper School PRO) and Interact Club (past assistant Secretary). She also currently serves as Secretary for the Math Club and Treasurer for the Debating Society. In addition, she holds membership with the Science Club, Leo Club, Writers’ Club, Environmental Club as well as the Peer Counselling Society.

Throughout all of her classes, Kerricka has been an active participant who has shown that she grasps content very quickly. Her naturally studious nature is highlighted by her ability to work excellently in most areas. She has always been a diligent and conscientious student who has maintained a very high standard of work. Her potential is enormous yet immeasurable, as revealed by her indomitable spirit. She showed that she was and is quite resilient, proving that she could rise above any adversity, no matter how serious or damaging it was.

Kerricka; a reliable and mature individual, is easily recognizable as a model student who possesses and showcases great leadership skills and is of exemplary behaviour. Her pleasantness, thoughtfulness and assiduousness make her the ideal student and role model for her peers alike. Such values she is in possession of and the standards she holds herself to, are credited to the nurturing yet firm parenting of her mother. Due to this, she proudly names her mother as her first and ultimate role model.

Kerricka is currently a Cape science student, who showcases budding research skills, a knack for analysis, with an affinity for biology. Kerricka aims to become a medical researcher in the field of immunology or neuroscience. Being a recipient of this prestigious scholarship has provided Kerricka with the opportunity to begin her much-desired career path by studying at the UWI. She remains excited for the future and all its possibilities especially now that she knows her dreams are even more in reach with the awarding of this scholarship.



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