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In memory of Josephine Lilly Wolf on her sunset day, JLWMSF President Shayne Havens reminisces and celebrates the life and legacy that Josephine continues to leave behind.

"Today marks the 6th year anniversary that my beautiful daughter Josephine was taken from us way too early. It would be easy to mourn her loss, which I myself and many others do often, but today I'm choosing to celebrate her life and the time I was fortunate to spend with her. She had such a profound impact on my life and it makes me so proud to see that she is still impacting so many more lives every day.

It is amazing to see the outpouring of love that Josephine is creating through the foundation, and opportunities she is creating for so many people that will undoubtedly help make Jamaica a better place. Her loss was very tragic and should have never happened to someone with a heart like hers. Believe me when I say she is working through the foundation to help make changes to curb the violence towards so many that do not deserve the same fate she endured. No child should have their life taken as she did, and I am proud that so many have shown support to the foundation to help with this cause. I would like to thank all the donors involved who are contributing to the cause that Josephine is pushing to make that difference.

I am also so proud of all the students that have been awarded scholarships that share in our dream to help in the vision to make Jamaica better. So today I will not mourn her loss. I will celebrate and honor the most influential person I have ever met in my life. Thank you for being who you were and are. Thank you for helping impact so many lives already and many more that you will help change in the future. We all miss you."

Shayne Havens




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