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2020 scholarship recipient Alliyah Dasilva was born on September 11, 2001 in Savanna-la-mar Westmoreland. Alliyah’s mother was self-employed and more so a stay at home mom. Her dad is a farmer and also carries out other yard maintenance work.

Young Alliyah who was a bold and fierce individual with a hint of shyness, was also a remarkable academic student. Over the years the fire inside her burnt deeper and she wore the confidence she has like a second skin. She became more involved, more responsible and undeniably more driven and outstanding. Alliyah attended Negril All Age School for 6 years whereas she was consistently apart of the top 3 in her class. She held numerous leadership posts and represented her school in speech and dance at The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC). With her outstanding academics she was enrolled at Manning’s School where she became extremely active in terms of lending a helping hand in her school community and holding numerous leadership posts. She was an active member of the 4H Club, Students’ Council, Interact Club, Performing Arts Society and the Debating Society. She also was apart of the National Secondary Students’ Council both regionally and nationally.

Alliyah first wanted to become an air hostess, however, she had a fear that she too would die in a plane crash like the singer Aliyah whom she was named after that died on a plane the same day that she was born. Her passion to defend persons that would not stand up for themselves grew to the point that entering high school she decided to be a student advocate through Students’ Council. She would often be the mediator in her home during a disagreement, thereby aiming to have some sort of balance. She then started realizing her passion from age 10 and the only time her mind changed from becoming a lawyer was a year after in 6th grade when she wanted to become a detective. She still does; however, she believes opportunities will arise and she may or may not branch off by God’s will.

Alliyah currently has 8 distinctions, 5 credits and 1 pass at the CSEC level and 2 distinctions and 2 passes at the CAPE level. She is enrolled under the Manning’s Sixth form programme as an Arts student where she studies Law, History, Literatures in English, Caribbean Studies and Integrated Math.

As Alliyah matriculates to The University of the West Indies she wants to pursue a career in Law to become a Criminal lawyer. She is determined to continue on the path she is on; excelling academically and continuing to be a service-oriented individual.



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